• Setup Guide

    Step 1.
    Get an API Key from Iterable or Active Campaign.
    Step 2.
    For Active Campaign, paste that api key and your Active Campaign key into the API configuration Area,
    For Iterable paste your iterable API Key, and for the API base use https://api.iterable.com

    Step 3. Refresh your lists and you are off to the races!

    Step 4. Protect your keys! Wordpress is a notorious target for hackers! And pasting an API key directly into Wordpress is not advisable no matter who built the plugin. For this reason we built a little Netlify script to help you CYA!

    Head over the the Netlify Post, or visit our Guide on deploying an API Mask to protect yourself from the unpredicable.

    At this point, please ask your questions in the forum. This forum is new and needs your questions! Also if you are interested in White Glove Support we can help. Set a support meeting here.