• Setup Guide

    To setup the API mask you will need to fork this repository, and set up a Netlify Account. Then in Netlify create a project, and connect your forked repo.

    In the next steps you will be asked to make a few customizations.

    1. Make up an API key, this is the API key you will use on your Wordpress plugins. Write it down in your notes.
    2. Set the name of your new netlify program, from 3 random words to something that makes sense. Like "apiMask-for-Iterable" or whatever is fitting.
    3. Add your Real Iterable API Key to the Environment Variables.
    4. Add your fake wordpress Key to the Environemnt variables.
    5. Copy your netlify project url, and paste it into your API endpoint.

    --- Now your plugin will ask Netlify to make the API Calls, (an added layer of security)
    ---- The hacker needs to both hack Wordpress and Netlify.... Impossible!!!

    1. Maybe you want to do more than just use the mask with the Universal Email Preference Center, and Iterable... in that case here are a few extra steps.
    2. Clone your forked repo to your desktop and open it up with VS Code,
    3. Install the Netlify CLI
    4. Modify the code to add more routes, fliters and functionality.
    5. Post in the forum about what you have done.

    If you have any questions ask away! Lets build this community!