A Mask for your sensitive APIs

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A place to talk about whatever you want

Setup Guide

Step 1.
Get an API Key from Iterable or Active Campaign.
Step 2.
For Active Campaign, paste that api key and your Active Campaign key into the API configuration Area,
For Iterable paste your iterable API Key, and for the API base use https://api.iterable.com

Step 3. Refresh your lists and you are off to the races!

Step 4. Protect your keys! Wordpress is a notorious target for hackers! And pasting an API key directly into Wordpress is not advisable no matter who built the plugin. For this reason we built a little Netlify script to help you CYA!

Head over the the Netlify Post, or visit our Guide on deploying an API Mask to protect yourself from the unpredicable.

At this point, please ask your questions in the forum. This forum is new and needs your questions! Also if you are interested in White Glove Support we can help. Set a support meeting here.

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An API for enabling users to log in using just their email address or via your ESP / API

What is Magic Login.

It is a little hard to explain, but I will try.

When you look at Wordpress login providers you will find a common theme, they all expect password reset, and login links to originate from wordpress as a sender. They expect wordpress to customize that email text and formatting. And they have little support high interactivity and deep linking.

We set out to change that. We set out to create a framework which allows you to send highly stylized and customized emails direct from your favorite email tool be it Active Campaign, Iterable, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, etc.

We set out to enable you to deep link your subscribers right behind a paywall without them ever signing in. We set out to make google ad campaigns which deep link right into a temproary account which is only available for 24 hours.

We set out to create a login experience to your imagination's content.

The way Magic login works, is you must send the wordpress server a get request, a webhook requesting a login token for a specific email address. Then when wordpress gets that request it will update the login token on your ESP of choice with a unique code.

You can then use that code as a merge tag to allow users to to log into wordpress with the simple click of an email.

In addition to that you can configure security, prevent users from sharing accounts by logging them off of their other computers, set a limit of how many unique keys can be used, expire old tokens of you are running a sweepstake.

We know this plugin is advanced and a little challending to set up. If you need help post pictures and ask questions in the forum.

Schedule a consulting session and take advantage of one hour free professional implementation support. Schedule here!

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Announcements regarding our community

Where is that Universal Support?!?!?

If you take a look at Magic Login API you will see that we built it on the foundation of making and receiving API calls. We did that to make our integration Universal. Maybe we should have called it "Universal Magic Login API"

Since that ship has sailed, and we recently built "Universal Email Preference Center" we had to focus on Iterable first, Now that Iterable is live, we are working on Making it Universal the same way Magic Login is Universal.

If you are an Enterprize customer and need us to hurry up, this feature can be ready within the month. Set an appointment here if you are interested helping to fund this development.

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A place to talk about whatever you want

Welcome to WPressAPI.com
Welcome to your API Support Center

This is a place where you can chat, talk to contributers and share your ideas for new plugins. Most of the plugins you see on WPressAPI were developed for a unique client who gave rights for us to resell access to the plugin post deployment. In exchange for long term support.

If you have ideas Post them here, we make take it up and develop your plugin Are you an enterprise looking for development schedule here. Do you have general API Related questions... Please... ask away!

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Questions and Feature Requests

Blog posts from individual members